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President John Adams
Fashions in the 1800's
War or Peace
Home Life
Early Education and Career
His Impact
Art and Music in the 1800's
Fashions in the 1800's
Technology in the 1800's
Medicine in the 1800's
Entertainment in the 1800's

Fashions in the early 1800's were very different than ours today.

For men, the biggest rage was wearing powdered wigs. They wore knee breeches or ankle length trousers. To top it off, they wore high-heeled shoes, and embroidered waistcoats. They wore velvets, satins, and silks. For woman, the biggest hit was to make their waists as skinny as possible. They would use corsets. The corsets would be so tight that it would make the women pass out from a lack of oxygen. All of the blood would rush to their heads and could kill them. They would buy them two inches smaller than their waist size. They mostly wore elegant dresses, while commoners wore sober clothing, and aristocrats wore very colorful and luxurious clothing. What they wore showed their class.