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President John Adams
Medicine in the 1800's
War or Peace
Home Life
Early Education and Career
His Impact
Art and Music in the 1800's
Fashions in the 1800's
Technology in the 1800's
Medicine in the 1800's
Entertainment in the 1800's

Although  some of the medicine they used seems crazy but some actually worked.

          For a soar throat, they would tie bacon sprinkled with pepper around the patients throat.  Another way to treat it was to drink hot water, as hot as you could take it.  To make a caugh syrup, they would mix bark, bethroot, and water and  boil it all together.  After that they would strain the water and add sugar to it.  Finally they would let it simmer.  For burns, they would put egg white on it to provide a seal for the skin.  For diarrhea, they would drink a tablespoon of water that was boiled with blackberry roots every hour.  Snake bites were cured by cutting open where the snake bit you and suck out the poison.  After that the patient would drink whiskey, and tie tobacco around the wound.  Tuberculosis had many treatments but none worked.  People tried smoking, drinking cod liver oil, and eating thick, boiled down, stew.