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President John Adams
War or Peace
War or Peace
Home Life
Early Education and Career
His Impact
Art and Music in the 1800's
Fashions in the 1800's
Technology in the 1800's
Medicine in the 1800's
Entertainment in the 1800's

Thanks to John Adams, we made peace with France.

         The fight started with three French agents nicknamed X,Y, and Z.  They wrote letters demanding a $10million dollar loan and $250thousand dollar bribe. Adams simply said no.  So, in 1798 we went into the Quasi War, also known as the Undeclared War.  The fighting was completley naval.  We kept attacking France until we agreed to a honarable settlement.  The war ended with the Convention of 1800.  It was also called the Treaty of Mortefontaine.  All together 20 died and 42 were wounded.  Later, this was called the XYZ affair.