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President John Adams
Art and Music in the 1800's
War or Peace
Home Life
Early Education and Career
His Impact
Art and Music in the 1800's
Fashions in the 1800's
Technology in the 1800's
Medicine in the 1800's
Entertainment in the 1800's

Classical music was the biggest hit in the 1800's

Some of the best artists included John Wolfgang von Goethe, Gotthold Ephraim Lessing, Fredrich Schiller, Fredrich Holderlin, and Heinrich von Kleist. In the late 1700's, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was the greatest. However in the early 1800's, Ludwig van Beethoven was the best. He invented forms of symphonic expressions. Mostly, the best artists were German. They did mostly religious work. Some of the popular pieces of art were expressionist styles. Expressionist styles were a style where it's like unconscious emotions and were in a dream-like state. Film was not yet invented, so that style of art was not available.