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President John Adams
War or Peace
Home Life
Early Education and Career
His Impact
Art and Music in the 1800's
Fashions in the 1800's
Technology in the 1800's
Medicine in the 1800's
Entertainment in the 1800's



              This is where you can learn about our second president, John Adams.  Here you can learn about the times when he was president.

John Adams was our second president and our first vice president.  He lived longer than any other president, 91 years. For having no sense of humor, he was still a great president.  Although he was unrecognized for all his accomplishments, he still made our world a better place.

   Although Jefferson got credit for Adams' contributions, he did what the people elected him to do.  In my opinion, he was a great president, but to quiet.  That was because he had no sense of humor.  However, he was the one who created the alliance with France.  He tried for another term but lost to Jefferson.  In shame of loosing, he left for his hometown where he retired.  He died on July 4,1826, the same day as Jefferson.  His last words were,"Thomas Jefferson survives."


John Adams

Born: October 30th, 1735 Braintree,Massachusetts

Died: July 4th,1826

Married: Abigail Smith in 1764

Children: Elizabeth Adams(stillborn), Abigail Amelia Adams(1756-1813), John Quincy Adams(1767-1848), Susanna Adams(1768-1770), Charles Adams(1770-1832), and Thomas Boylston Adams(1772-1832) 

Religion: Unitarian


Although Adams and Jefferson competed against eachother, they were still good friends.

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